Center For Medical Progress Abortion Video Audit Comes Back


Anyone who has actually watched the Center for Medical Progress videos either in their entirety or in the much more easily digested edited form with a modicum of sense never had a doubt, but politics being what it is, two separate audits of the videos themselves have been done.  The first was requested by Planned Parenthood and the left.  The second was commissioned by Alliance Defending Freedom using the services of Coalfire, a digital forensics firm.  Their results:

“authentic and show no evidence of manipulation or editing,”

Naturally, this news is welcome on the day that Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, is on the hot seat before the House Oversight Committee.  That there were no contracts actually negotiated or deals really made with the Center for Medical Progress actors doesn’t matter: officials from Planned Parenthood appeared to be negotiating compensation for providing fetal tissue to middlemen baby body parts brokers.

“The Coalfire forensic analysis removes any doubt that the full length undercover videos released by Center for Medical Progress are authentic and have not been manipulated,” said Casey Mattox, senior counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom. “Analysts scrutinized every second of video recorded during the investigation and released by CMP to date and found only bathroom breaks and other non-pertinent footage had been removed.”

According to the report, the videos only omit footage irrelevant to the allegations such as bathroom breaks.

So the videos WERE heavily edited, but left in all the important parts.

“Planned Parenthood can no longer hide behind a smokescreen of false accusations,” Mattox said, “and should now answer for what appear to be the very real crimes revealed by the CMP investigation.”

Regardless of the motivation – profit or altruism – the fact remains that Planned Parenthood physicians at the affiliates go out of their way to alter the abortion procedure, an illegal act, in order to procure intact fetal organs.  That being the case, a federal inquiry and possible prosecution is in order.

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