CATFIGHT! Climate Change Denier PhDs Get Ready To RUMMMBBBLLLEEE

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2015 has brought out some amazing inner nastiness in the Climate Change-Global Warming-We Are Killing the Planet crowd.  These people are so intent on imposing their ideology on the rest of us, that proposals were made for actual hard jail time for people who vociferously disagree.  As in, if the “Climate Deniers,” a good many of whom are climate scientists, disagree they should go to jail.  The Climate Change zombies are so intent on this, that they’ve mentioned the possibility of RICO laws being invoked against the malcontents.


Yeah, well, the problem here is that the people running the racket and who should be the subject of RICO investigations are most likely not the deniers.  Given some of the recent revelations regarding:

  1. how the climate models that told us the sky was falling and/or the earth was warming were, uh, not processing the data correctly,
  2. the raw data from the carbon dioxide observatory demonstrated that the rise and fall of the compound is a natural fluctuation not having all that much to do with man,
  3. now the government’s National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) refused to hand over all communications that accompany the data sets used for the computer modeling to the Congressional committee authorizing their work,

The actual people doing the denying, the scientists that are either outright denying the warming is happening or the ones who are at least skeptical enough about it to advocate waiting until there is a REAL consensus and scientific proof before making a mess out of international economics and killing humans, are now “striking back” as it were, or as much as university professor types actually do that kind of thing.  Climate Depot has the expo:

“I would like to see RICO investigations for people on the other side of this,” demanded Climatologist and former NASA scientist Dr. Roy Spencer, at a CATO Institute climate forum in DC today.  Spencer is the leader of a climate research group at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

“People have been pushing for energy policies for people that we know will kill them. And they know that, and yet they have hidden that information from the public and from politicians for the purposes of advancing an agenda,” Spencer said.

“They should be careful what they ask” Spencer added, warning that the investigations “could be going the other direction in spades.”

Exactly.  There have also been reports out about just how much tax-payer cash is going to these people who want to foist new forms of energy that are less than efficient on us and impose crippling economic sanctions as well as violations of human rights (in the reproductive arena).  If climate change-global warming IS indeed a scam, as so many people have been trying to shout from the rooftops as much as cocktail party voices will allow, then the proponents of shoving the agenda through all legal barriers with no debate are far more likely to be racketeering.

It isn’t just the legality of the racket that is at stake, though.  The skeptics went on to explain:

Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry, the former Chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology, spoke about the new climate of intolerance.  “I am very concerned by scientists calling to stifle dissent, disagreement,” Curry explained.

“The last three or four months have made it clear to me that I could be spending time in court. If it’s not just for RICO kind of activities but all of these lawsuits,” she said.

“It looks like climate scientists are going to be spending more time in courts. This never occurred to me until three or four months ago,” Curry lamented. Curry also challenged other climate claims and spoke of her evolving scientific views on climate change. “There is so much flouting over mythical 97% consensus…This is stifling debate. I fell into that (consensus trap) and after 2009 with Climategate, I said no more!” Curry explained. “There is enormous pressure for scientists to fall in line behind the consensus,” she added.

In science, discoveries are constant.  What scientists, physicians and engineers thought they knew gets disproven every day.  Why would climate change be any different given that the data used to diagnose a planet with an occupant induced disease is using data from maybe 30 years out of its at least 500,000,000,000 year existence.  (No one REALLY knows for sure how old the earth is or how many times it’s been hit by space debris.)

Then, to top it off, the proponents of climate change keep getting caught in these bad data scandals, and then refuse to tell the people paying for the research how they came to the conclusion that the earth is warming at all.  Yes, we who are not in the field have been questioning their motives for a while.  Now, it looks like the people the Climate Change Crowd insulted by insinuating the deniers and skeptics are running a racket are turning the tables on them.

Good for them.

Meteorologist Dr. Ryan Maue of WeatherBELL Analytics said: “I have personal experience with two of the RICO 20” professors. Ryan warned that such efforts to silence scientific dissent will have a chilling effect on young scientists.

“The question would be for a graduate student — if you have a professor who is signing petitions calling for a RICO investigation based upon climate science — do you have to wonder if what you’re researching, is this going to be met with the approval of your professor? This is a sort of slippery slope in terms of research.”

“I find it rather appalling,” Maue concluded.

So do the rest of us.

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