Trump Calls Out Rubio for “Open Borders” Billionaire Donor. This is the Rubio You Need to Know!


Marco Rubio has supported H1B1 visas for illegals in the past and hasn’t promoted American workers who are being replaced by low-wage immigrants.  Some are flown over to work cheap for big corporations.  For example, Disney forced American workers to train low-wage immigrants to take over their jobs.

Rubio backs the H1B visa which Trump describes as the “high tech” visa’s.  He states that they take middle class well paying  jobs away from Americans.

Mr Rubio’s message has been slightly distorted since he has been running for President.

Rubio has demanded more H1=B’s programs for immigrants. Senator Rubio has been the top promoter in Congress for expanding the H-1B program even though millions of American tech workers are out of jobs. Rubio’s new bill triples H-1Bs and has zero protections for American workers. Advocates for tech workers said Rubio’s bill would “destroy” the U>S> tech workforce. (source:

Trump insists that Rubio is working for the lobbyists and not American workers.   Silicone Valley billionaires contributed to his campaign so Trump shouts out that Rubio is the “Silicone Valley Puppet.”  Disney’s CEO supports Rubio’s bill because they’ll hire low-wage workers.  This bill is crippling to American citizens.

When the tide changes in a debate such as Rubio’s Bill,  he seems to be doing the opposite of what he says. The informed voter should “think twice” before selecting a candidate like Rubio. He has walked the walk from billionaires, but he isn’t  walking the walk for US jobs.  American jobs need and must be filled by Americans first, not by H1b’s immigrants from Mexico and South America or everywhere but inside The USA,    What do you think?