White House Calls 13 yr old CJ Pearson a Liar, but he Fires back with this KILLER Response!

We all know that Obama is an egomaniac who can’t stand to be criticized. So when a young black teen started calling him out on his lies, an invitation to the White House wasn’t expected. Apparently, those are reserved for illegal immigrants and young Muslims who intentionally make clocks that look like bombs.

C.J Pearson wasn’t giving up, he launched a petition to get an interview with President Obama on the White House’s website and was using his Twitter account to get signatures. But when he went to log on to his account, he realized that the president, or the staffers who run his official @POTUS account, had blocked him.

Pearson took a screen shot of the message he received showing that he was blocked.


When backlash started and people began calling the administration  out on their immaturity, the White House responded by basically calling a 13 year old boy a LIAR. Assistant Press Secretary Frank Benenati tweeted,



Public service announcement: Nobody is or has ever been blocked from the @POTUS twitter account.


Young Mr. Pearson did not take kindly to be called a liar. His response made the Obama administration look like fools.


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