Byron Allen vs. Obama And Sharpton: Big Media Fight For Heart And Soul Of Race In America

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In any sort of a war, the first move a conquering side takes is to cut the lines of communication between the enemy and their followers, or any people they might influence.  That seems to be the tactic chosen by those seeking to push “net neutrality” on the American populace.  (Let’s see it work better than Obamacare.)  It also may well be the same sort of tactic used to keep racial tensions, and the great divide on the forefront of the American political psyche.

Byron Allen, a well-known and popular black television host, is one of many people engaged in a racial discrimination lawsuit against multiple giant media companies who are actively freezing them out of the entertainment marketplace:

Allen, 53, is the chairman and CEO of the production company Entertainment Studios, which joined with the National Association of African-American Owned Media to file a $20 billion racial discrimination lawsuit this week against Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Sharpton’s National Action Network, the NAACP, the Urban League, and former FCC commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker. Allen and his fellow plaintiff also filed a $10 billion suit against AT&T and DirectTV.

Why the lawsuit against these titans?  It seems that they have been freezing out diversity in black entertainment and media offerings.  Mr. Allen is plainspoken about how they go about it, too.  He told The Daily Caller:

“It’s cheaper to give Al Sharpton money than it is to do business with real African-American owned media,” Allen told The DC. “What Comcast does is they give Al Sharpton money so he doesn’t call them racist. That is the issue here. It’s cheaper to give Al Sharpton money than it is to do business with real African-American owned media,” Allen told TheDC. “What Comcast does is they give Al Sharpton money so he doesn’t call them racist. That is the issue here.”…

“Why is Sharpton on TV every night on MSNBC? Because he endorsed Comcast’s acquisition of NBCUniversal.  He signed the memorandum of understanding back in 2010. He endorsed the merger. Next thing you know we’re watching him on television trying to form a sentence. Every night we have the privilege of watching adult illiteracy.”

“Al Sharpton is nothing more than a black pawn in a very sophisticated white economic chess game,” Allen continued. “He’s not even bright enough to know he’s on the chess board and he’s being used by his white masters at Comcast, specifically [executive vice president] David Cohen and [chairman and CEO] Brian Roberts.”

The NBC family of networks is owned by Comcast at this time.  Comcast’s acquisition of Time Warner Cable is still pending Federal Communications Commission approval – after they get done trampling all over Americans’ first amendment rights, of course.  (Seriously, this is the group that gave us Obamacare.)

Seriously, though, why Al Sharpton?

“I think that Obama uses him to control the Negroes,” Allen said of Sharpton….

“President Obama, you control a couple billion dollars in advertising. What have you done to make sure African-American owned media is participating in government advertising? We got more respect from President Clinton.”

“Shame on you, President Obama,” Allen said. “I think African-Americans would have done much better with a white president. They are murdering us on the street and murdering us in the boardrooms.”

So do many whites, Mr. Allen.  Best of luck to this group on their racial discrimination suit, especially if it exposes using Al Sharpton and the like (say, Louis Farrakhan) for racial cover.  There is no excuse for that.

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