(BREAKING VIDEO) Officer Has Much Needed Message for Brussels

(BREAKING VIDEO) Officer Has Much Needed Message for Brussels

You need to see this video. After such a tense day of terror alerts, this officer has been video taped with a message much needed by Brussels (and despised by ISIS).


While scouring Twitter, I found this ISIS linked-Tweet! You must gotta see this…-DC Gazette

Just in case it is removed:

image: http://dcgazette.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/ISISTWEET-300×214.png


An unconfirmed threat has been reported of a possible terrorist attack targeting the Police Station in Brussels… Random accounts also warning not to post the precise locations of police raids.-DC Gazette

Six Pakistani-born British men have been arrested in Brussels according to an update from Daily Mail. The men were driving THREE decommissioned ambulances. –DC Gazette

This is an update on the developing raids and attacks in Brussels. There has been unconfirmed rumors of a potential suicide vest involved, similar to the ones used in the Paris attacks, that could be used on the Police and civilians in the area. –DC Gazette

Currently all we know is that a major anti-terror operation is underway in the city of Brussels near the Grand Palace, the city’s main square. These tweets have pictures of the ongoing situation. –DC Gazette