Black Women Tortured Children and Elderly In a Way You Can’t Imagine


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55 year old black women, Linda Weston, tricked mentally challenged adults and two children into being their caretaker.   She managed to keep them locked up in a boiler room basement and one man was found chained  to a boiler.  Her daughter and three assistants would also lock them into various dark closets and attics.

From 2001 to 2011 they were locked up like “zoo animals” and using buckets as toilets and being drugged and underfed.  If they tried to escape, get food or scream, this witch and her accomplices would hit, kick, punch, burn and slap them.  They even used the butt of a pistol, hammers, sticks and bats upon them without mercy.

Weston used them for their disability checks and illegally collected a total of $212,000 dollars.   She even force two of the victims to work as prostitutes for more money.

When the landlord found four forlorn adults locked inside a small boiler room with one victim chained to the boiler, he called police. Linda Weston pleaded guilty to 196 counts against her including, kidnapping, hate crimes, sex trafficking, fraud.  Two of the women victims died, so she was also charged with racketeering conspiracy, murder in aid of racketeering.   Weston pleaded guilty to all counts, federal prosecutors will recommend a life term in prison.  Two others pled guilty and the other two are awaiting trial.

During the hearing, Weston said, “I believe in God, God knows what happened.” U.S. District Judge, Cynthia Rufy replied, ” There are a lot of people in this courtroom who knows what happened too.”