Black And White Unite… Racist Reverend We Don’t Like!

image                                                 Al Sharpton is at it again ladies and gentlemen. Last I checked to incite violence or a riot is a crime. Al Sharpton has broken law after law and it’s about time for someone to slap the cuffs on him. Do we have one federal prosecutor with a backbone that will file charges on this reverend of all racist. The president is not above our laws so why are they allowing him to be a shield of protection for law breakers in Washington? Our lawmakers are suppose to protect the people of this country. Instead they stand by like cowards and allow the thugs in Washington to destroy our people and property. Why are these traitors walking free and destroying all that we love.

If one of our children got a group of people together and chanted death to the cops they would still be in jail somewhere. Obama once stated that if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin. Well, tell him his sons are tearing up Baltimore while Al Sharpton continues to stir up trouble. The people of this country are sick of the scum tearing it down. You notice I said people with no reference to color because we are all tired of it. We have these hypocrites talking bad about our country while they live like kings compared to most of us. Tell the mayor of Baltimore if she wants to thank the Nation of Islam then live with them. I am sure ISIS would love to have her head on a platter.

Why don’t we pull all the good people out of Baltimore along with every cop. Cast all these scumbags in the city along with that racist who insults the name of reverend. They wouldn’t survive one day before they begged someone to pull them out. I am glad Dr. King is not alive today because he would be disgusted. Obama promised change well he can take that change back to where he came from! Sharpton is calling for people to unite. America I think it’s time for us all to unite and get rid of this trash. Blacks are just as fed up with this crap as the whites and black and white Americans will unite. God bless America and I pray for you all… Semper Fi, Shep