Black Thugs BURNED Veteran’s Southern Flag. Vandalized Property With THIS Message!

Via Local ABC WLOX Mississippi:

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) – Police are investigating a disturbing discovery in front of a home in Pascagoula, a burnt Mississippi state flag lying next to racial graffiti.

Bob Comans has lived in his home on Jackson Avenue for nine years, and said he always flies the Mississippi state flag [NOTICE NOT EVEN THE REBEL FLAG] next to the American flag. While police are investigating it as a case of vandalism, Comans said it’s a crime that’s connected to hate.


“I looked and just went into really a shock by seeing the flag like that being burned,” said Comans.

Comans got emotional when he saw the charred and shredded remains of his Mississippi flag.

“I’m tore up. It just really disturbed me. That’s the worst thing that could happen to a flag, get burned. I wouldn’t want anybody to even walk on it,” said Comans.

Comans said around 5:30 a.m. Monday, his daughter discovered the burnt banner and the words“Blacks Rule” spray painted in the  driveway of their home on Jackson Avenue.


“It’s a racist and a hate. If they’re going to burn your flag, take your flag off the side of your house and burn it, why wouldn’t that be hatred?” asked Comans.

While some people view the state flag, with its controversial Confederate battle emblem, as a symbol of racism, Comans said it represents family heritage. His great-grandfather served in the 12th Mississippi Cavalry during the Civil War.

“That’s my flesh and blood. He fought for a cause back when he was there,” said Comans.

Comans himself served in the Army during the Korean War, and said he fought for freedoms, like the right to fly the flag. He calls himself an old patriotic American.


“I’m 85 years of age. I’m a 100-percent disabled veteran. I don’t know why they want to burn my flag,” he said.

Well at DC Gazette, the American Godfather knows why. We Next Gen Patriot brothers and sisters know all too well! The liberal agenda is a slow moving demonic plague growing like a cancer on the American culture in the shadows. It is become fast moving and less discrete now, the larger it metastasizes. Between Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Valerie Jarrett, and many others; we are in an ALL OUT Culture War to preserve our intellectual integrity and values that helped build this amazing nation. This generation knows what that great old generation never had to know; We are losing the cultural war and a giant Doomsday Clock is ticking closer to Revolution and Restoration. The Country isn’t split between liberal and conservative, it’s split between Progressives and Patriots. One wanting to move forward, the other looking to maintain old timeless liberty with no guise of fake deception and facades. #1776Matters #PatriotsRule

All Images H/t: abcWLOX