HA! How Does it Feel? Entire White DEMOCRAT Crowd called RACIST at Bernie Sanders Rally


Nothing says “please respect my cause” quite like grabbing a microphone and insulting an entire crowd, but that is exactly what happened at a Bernie Sanders rally this weekend. The Black lives matter fools embarrassed themselves once again, but this time DEMOCRATS had to deal with it.

The best part was, when the pig of a woman protest leader realized that the audience wasn’t interested in what she had to say, she took the common liberal route and called everyone racist! The mostly white crowd began to “BOO” and one woman yelled out,”how DARE you call me a racist!!” REALLY? You don’t like being accused of racism when you haven’t done or said anything that would merit such a slanderous accusation? HA! Well welcome to a day in the life of a Conservative!

The disgusting women should not have even been given time to address the crowd, but the organizers were so deathly afraid of being perceived as racist, they just let the two braided bimbos have the mic.  Eventually, the crowd just began to chant “let Bernie speak”.

When one of the organizers calmly explains that they are trying to be reasonable. The women go into GHETTO CONVULSIONS! They start jumping up and down and screaming “we are being reasonable!”  Yeah, because THAT’S what reasonable looks like, right?

When will these idiots learn that intelligent Americans think they are a joke. We are informed enough to know that their whole “movement” is based on lies they were dumb enough to believe. If they took a second to research, they would realize that everything they stand for was fabricated by race baiters who need useful idiots like them to advance their careers. But hey, who needs facts and reason when you have a microphone and endless amounts of white guilt at your disposal…pathetic.

In this first video, the protesters act like the civil ladies they are. They calmly and quietly ask for a moment to address the crowd. Oh wait, that’s not what happens, my bad! You’ll see what really happens….



The second video shows Democrats reacting to being called racist! I love it!