Bavarian Nightmare: Oktoberfest During The Muslim Invasion


It’s that time of year.  Time for beer, pork sausage, bare cleavage, music and dancing in that annual Bavarian party known as Oktoberfest.  Yes, things are known to get out of hand and the party till the sun goes down and comes back up again crowd is ready to get going with it, but this year there will be an added challenge for police to control.  All those migrants that they’re not sure who is muslim and who isn’t.  From Breitbart:

Joachim Herrmann, the Christian Social Union interior minister revealed plans to deploy “strong security forces” to the city during the annual beer and wurst (pork sausage) festival in two weeks time, as he feared confrontations between Germans celebrating their cultural heritage and newly arrived migrants.

Munich central station is a major railhead for thousands of migrants travelling north through Europe, taking trains from Budapest through Austria to the southern German city.

On just one day last week 1,500 people arrived, hoping either to disperse into Germany or to continue their migratory route deeper into the continent.

Speaking in an interview with local newspaper the Münchner Merkur, Herrmann admitted “you can not see who is Islamist” among the thousands arriving in the city, and that there was a significant challenge identifying who exactly was coming to the country as many had forged or no paperwork.

So, just in case some of these muslims can’t control their tempers and fists at the sight of the generous people who took them in reveling in their own heritage, the migrants will be kept separate as much as possible from the revelers and there will be plenty of extra police. reports the minister’s request for extra police has already been granted by the Federal government, who would be redeploying forces from other German states to assist with the operation.

The assignment of potentially thousands of extra police, as has been the case in other occasions in the country where ordinary Germans clashed with asylum seekers and pro-immigration factions, suggests the authorities do not hope to match last year’s fall in crime at the Oktoberfest.

Plainly, the Bavarians consider their cultural heritage more important than bending over for a bunch of muslims.  Good for the Germans for protecting themselves and letting the party go on.  This American lifts her Irish to them!


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