Baltimore Batman Fatally Hit!

Baltimore Batman is a beloved figure for his good deeds around his community. Batman would visit children at hospitals who are terminally ill, and go speak at local schools for anti-bullying campaigns. But most important, Baltimore Batman was a role model in his community. America has gone through some rough years, constantly faced in a world of segregation. This good Samaritan, helped to remind the community that sometimes the best gift is one given from the heart.



After a late night patrolling the streets, Baltimore’s most beloved citizen was struck on Sunday night. State troopers were called to a scene and confirmed that a pedestrian was dead after being hit by a vehicle. According to police, Batman was checking his vehicle’s engine in the fast lane on I-70 near Hagerstown. Fortunately the driver of the Toyota Camry that struck his car was not injured in the crash. Police have not charged anyone in the case.

The famous Baltimore Batman first gained national attention when he was pulled over by police in his “Batmobile” for not showing proper tags:

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H/T: FOX 45

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