Armed Citizen Guards Chattanooga Recruiting Center With AR-15, LIBERALS ARE GOING TO HATE Him for These 2 Things He Just Said!

MyFoxDC is reporting an investigation that following the shooting of 4 U.S. Marines in Chattanooga, no recruiting centers in the DC area have implemented any physical security measures to their facilities. Current U.S. Army and USMC policy forbids service members from carrying firearms in uniform outside of a training or combat mission while on duty. The recruiting center in Chattanooga was also publicly listed as a Gun Free Zone:


Photo courtesy of MyFoxDC

This has caused a citizen patriot, who wishes to be unnamed for his protection, to take matters upon himself in the open carry state of VA. The man has coordinated with police and the local Recruiting Center in exercising his 2nd Amendment Rights as a law abiding firearm owner for the use of good to stand in defense of the Recruiting Center on his own time, with his own firearms, with his own ammunition in front of a yard sign that stated: DEFEND OUR TROOPS. But what he had to say about muslims will surely leave Liberals heads exploding:

“Fundamental Muslim extremism. They declared war on us and we seem to not put it into perspective in  not realizing that the war is here.”

The American Patriot. Despised enemies of Obama and Liberals everywhere.

“We need to know what our rights are and not let anyone take them away. Too many people died for these freedoms…I certainly am thankful for those men and women who have died in the past to secure those freedoms.”  

[More pictures and video on Page 2] It’s men and women like this who are the concrete foundation of our nation, a great nation. A nation built on principles of freedom from tyranny. Freedom from oppression. Freedom from oligarchy. A nation who is now under a vile cultural and political assault by progressives who want nothing more than to forever shatter that foundation and replace it with regressive socialism. The mindset of this modern culture being taught to despise the old ways and ignore the liberties and values of our nation’s Framer’s, cannot comprehend why men like this would do what they do. In fact; Most modern liberals today would not even be able to do what this man did simply because the majority fear firearms, despise personal firearm ownership, do not understand it’s purpose; and therefore will forever remain unarmed sheep wholly dependant on a governmental form of protectionism. But if your government cannot protect itself, who will protect it if good law abiding citizens are unarmed? This story isn’t breaking ground in the media. This is intentional with the left wing media. Any story like this that they cannot manipulate into portraying as deranged, poses a powerful threat to their agenda. So their strategy is to avoid generating any avenue of attention to it. But here at DC Gazette we will have your back and stay on the stories that patriots like YOU care about seeing that are NOT getting out on the MSM.


Sure makes you wonder what Obama would have to say about this man huh?