Americans Asked if they Support Tearing Down “Racist” Mount Rushmore, the Responses are Insane…



I usually try to surround myself with intelligent American loving patriots, that’s why I am always so shocked to see this kind of ignorance is so common. If you have been paying attention lately, you know that liberals are demanding every flag or monument they dislike be destroyed. In San Diego Media analyst Mark Dice told the Americans that President Obama had issued an executive order to tear down Mount Rushmore because it is a  racist, white supremacist monument. Now, if someone came up to me and asked how I felt about that, which I always pray happens, I would lose it. So naturally, I thought that is what most people would do. I was wrong.

One moronic woman totally agreed with the concept saying that “racism is bullshit as well as gay marriage not being legalized.” Like one issue has anything to do with the other. Another proud patriot offered his services in the demolition. Who cares about destroying a cherished National monument as long as you have a few bucks in your pocket right? I guess I should at least be happy that he wants to work.

A black man said that he wouldn’t mind seeing Mount Rushmore be “reconstructed with some black people” Although he is not sure where Mount Rushmore is located.

There was only one person who was bright enough to not fall for the gag. We have to ask ourselves, if people can believe this easily that Obama would really tear down Mount Rushmore because of racism, and they even agree with the idea, what the hell is happening to this country?