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Americans And The Global Warming Public Relations Failure


Because we have to survey EVERYTHING that might remotely smack of politics in the United States and make news with the news real or imagined, the Associated Press and NORC Center for Public Affairs Research (from the University of Chicago) did a rather in depth survey of just over a thousand Americans and asked their opinions on global warming after Pope Francis’ visit when he exhorted Americans to pay attention to Mother Earth.

Answers to the questions on the pope himself have been withheld at this time for later publication, but an early release of the global warming questions and how the people answered regarding “global warming” and their opinions and attitudes toward the concept is available.  Check out this graphic:

worried about global warming

Really, that’s 39% of Americans are not too worried or not at all worried about global warming.  (Only 16% of those surveyed actually DON’T BELIEVE that global warming is happening, so the underground skeptics and deniers network has some work to do in breaking through the smokescreen of information the proponents have thrown up.)

What is interesting about this entire exercise – and the pope’s speeches on the topic – is that there is a series of questions in the survey that more or less gives away the game:

worried about global warming opinion 1 worried about global warming opinion 2 worried about global warming opinion 3

As the years have gone on with the global warming crowd making one chicken little type prediction after another trying to shame the people into giving up prosperous lifestyles and unlimited energy consumption in the name of saving the planet, the propaganda was meant to make a moral issue out of stopping man-made climate change.

Not that there is anything wrong with caring for the environment, and being good stewards of the earth, but the global warming people want to bankrupt us in order to stop “anthropologic climate change” that does not appear to actually be happening.  And like everything else that’s been used to get Americans to give up their freedoms, the environmentalists tried to use fear to get the people to go along with the idea right next to morality.

So far, it appears that while the message of man actually changing the environment might be penetrating, the alarm that was supposed to be generated next to it has not materialized.  With the big Climate Change Conference coming up in Paris later this month, look for a lot more THE SKY IS FALLING stories to come from the mainstream media.  The previous waves of global warming propaganda did not work as intended.  They will undoubtedly try another angle.

Quick aside: there is a scandal brewing at the Vatican as the people advising the pope have excluded climate skeptics from the group of “scientists” making climate recommendation.  As a Catholic, this writer will tell the reader that this is contrary to the normal way of doing things.  All sides are supposed to be considered and His Holiness is depending on the wrong people to advise him.

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