5 Reasons Conservatives Need To Vote For GOP Candidates Whether They Want To Or Not

<> on August 6, 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio.
<> on August 6, 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio.

<> on August 6, 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio.

My fellow Americans, we are all tired of hearing this, but it is true.  2016’s presidential and general election is probably the most important in our history, maybe even moreso than 1860 and finding someone (Abraham Lincoln, the nation’s first Republican candidate) who could hold the Union together as much as possible and thwart the British attempt to split the “colonies” in their salvo to reclaim them (the Crown backed the South at least in the beginning of the Civil War).  At this point in our history, we Americans are all at each other’s throats again.  This time the stakes are a bit different, but if a few issues beyond immigration, terrorism, the economy, abortion, and “climate change” aren’t considered by the electorate, that litany could be fixed by just about anyone, and the people could and would be still be further impoverished and therefore enslaved by the self-appointed elite.

Supreme Court Nominees – Yes, as a campaign issue, it should be back.  Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, and Anthony Kennedy would both like to retire and enjoy what time they have left on earth with their families.  At 82 and 79, respectively (Antonin Scalia isn’t that far behind them), there is always the possibility that God and Mother Nature may have other ideas, but the reality is that in the next term there could very well be three Supreme Court vacancies.  All Supreme Court justices would prefer to retire and/or be replaced by a president with a similar world view, which is why Ginsburg is staying put since no Republican led Senate would ever confirm someone like her.  (She actually said that.)  The main reason to concentrate on the Supreme Court, though, is the tendency of the left to install their agenda/ideals/betrayal of America via the courts.  SCOTUS is the last stop, and while law is written in oils, as it were, and can always be changed, dependence on the Supreme Court to do what one side or the other wants is a factor in government whether we want it to be or not.

ObamaCare or the Affordable Care Act – The “left” as a collective has never made a secret of the fact that they desire “single payer” or socialized medicine.  The problem with that concept in the United States is that the majority of the people don’t want it, and never have.  Not for the entire 100 years the left has been trying to get the task of installing socialized medicine accomplished.  Neither do the insurers, the industry racket built on protection money that is now REQUIRED by law for each of us to have or pay a big fine, want to have socialized medicine.  See, the insurers went along with ObamaCare partially because they were to be reimbursed (bailed out) for losses as the system got built and rolling.  Thanks to a rider put in a budget bill two years ago by Marco Rubio, the bailouts are no more and the insurers want out making “single payer” almost a certainty if the Democrats take over.  For more reasons than anyone can count, the law needs to be repealed, but without insurers, there’s no one else to pay for the big stuff…if a person is deemed eligible to receive such treatment.  (This is what the left has been counting on all along.)

Welfare, Food Stamps And Other Non-Old Age Entitlements – At this time, American entitlements are plain and simply insolvent and there is no getting around that.  Working people of Generation X are quite used to the idea that we will never be able to retire.  (Good thing writing will always be there.)  Social Security, Medicare, and all that jazz will not be there for us.  Worse, though, is coupled with a tanking economy are the doubling of the number of people on what we still call food stamps, and the increased dependence on food banks supplied largely by the food conglomerates Feeding America has managed to claim in its fold.  Exclusively.  (Deep, dirty secret of hunger relief that no one is paying attention to.)  What people not in the trenches don’t quite understand is that food stamps and welfare does in no way cover all of the expenses of food (more on that in the next section).  The slack, half or more sometimes, of the dependency system is taken up by the rescue groups and non-profits. Feeding America has a food bank in every major metropolitan region in the United States, and they supply the trench organizations, and they don’t like competition.  (Setting Up For Food Rationing?  Agenda 21?  Need to study this further.  If you can afford it, buy local.)

Higher Costs of Energy and Food, and Appropriation of Resources to Bring Prices of BOTH Down – This one is a little complex and involves siccing the EPA on actual tasks of cleaning up messes left from before World War II, and leaving the water supply issues to people with a vested interest in irrigation, not bait fish, but altogether, higher prices of BOTH energy and food will, eventually, bankrupt the people.  What’s more, the group of individuals and corporate entities most involved in both commodities keeps getting smaller and smaller, and that isn’t going to do a darn thing for prices.  The energy issues have been covered quite thoroughly, but the food topics have not.  The most nutrient dense foods – meats, poultry and fish – are expensive right now due to drought, avian flu, and overfishing in that order, as well as the cost of transportation.  Cattle operations could have been helped through the recent drought by diverting water in the west toward them.  A source inside the poultry industry says it will take two years to recover from the Avian flu epidemic that saw millions of chickens destroyed, particularly laying hens.  (HOW did the disease get into the country??)  Overfishing is another topic decades in the making.  Each of these issues could be solved with better oversight and management of our resources, and the next president really does need to deal with it.  Man was not meant to live just on plants.

Military High Brass and Intelligence Capabilities Need To Be Rebuilt – We on the political right are quite well aware that for years now the Obama Administration has been purging all military high brass of anything but “yes” men and replacing them with less than our best.  What former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency Lt. General Michael Flynn describes when it comes to intelligence – the information vital to proper foreign policy formulation and execution in the military sense – and the Obama Administration indicates that the same sort of “yes men” mentality has infected the intelligence chain that has permeated the rest of the military.  Intelligence is being scrubbed until it resembles what the Obama Administration wants it to, not necessarily what the raw data actually says.  THAT is putting the nation in grave danger in a way that nothing else can because no where on earth resembles the rainbows and unicorns Obama and his people desire.  Never has, never will.  With all the recent amazingly bright and patriotic military and intelligence retirees around, this can be rebuilt with the right people recruiting and mentoring, but it will need to happen fast.  The military is another matter.

Along with all the rest of the issues that need to be addressed in American life that get more ink, these are issues that the next president – and the next Congress – will need to address.  This is just a suggestion, but before conservatives outright declare that they will NEVER vote for this candidate or that one, remember that there is more at stake than just whether or not a person running for office is ideologically pure.  The fate of the nation really does hang in the balance this time.  And the left is just waiting for the right time and the right set of circumstances to pull the trigger, and destroy the country from the top down.  So, if the final GOP candidates are less than perfect, hold your nose and vote for the Republican anyway.  They’ll at least slow things down and give more conservatives a chance to make their way through the political farm system.

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