2 Year Old Baby Girl Found Naked and Abused Along Roadside


lyndon albers crop

Lyndon Albers


Parents of Lyndon Albers called 911 when they woke up Friday morning to find their 2 year old daughter missing.

The former babysitter, 21 year old, Abigal Hannah broke into their home in the middle of the night and snatched the little girl from her bed.  MyFoxBosten reports that Ms. Hannah was recently fired by the Albers.

A couple driving down a road in Rowely, several miles from the Albers residence, found the little girl naked and shivering on the roadside.  Tom and Marge Crosby thought they were having a vision when they spotted the toddler.  Hoping it was a doll, but unsure, they turned around to find a real child sitting alone on the shoulder of the road, trembling in a pile of leaves.  Mr. Crosby scooped her up and bundled her in his coat.  He laid her in the backseat of their car and called the police who responded within minutes.


Abigail Hannah

Lyndon had been missing for hours.

Reports said she sustained a head contusion the size of a softball, some bruises and her hair had been shaved off.

Abigal Hannah was arrested Saturday and is behind bars on charges of kidnapping, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery on a child and breaking and entering.

Little Lyndon is in fair condition at Boston Children’s Hospital.  The parents asked Hamilton police not to give out an update of her status to the public at this time.