13 Things One Imam Would Ban Once American Culture Is Replaced


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Last week, Anjem Choudary, a truly extreme muslim imam/cleric/wackadoodle, started spouting off about what Islam will outlaw when they take over America.  He was kind enough to post a cheat sheet on Twitter:

  • PORK
  • PORN
  • GAYS

Well, now, that’s an interesting list.  One would assume it’s just a start given the rest of the dos and don’ts muslims live by.  Most of us knew that alcohol and pork are pretty high on the list of Islamic no-nos, and given the straight-arrowedness of the more devout among Muslims, gambling, porn, idolatry and usury should be no great shock.  After all, technically speaking, Christians aren’t supposed to do any of that either and much of it is either disdained within the culture or legal in a shadowy sense.  Gambling is a big industry (bye-bye Sin City?) that has appeal to some.  But the rest of it?  That’s striking at the heart of American culture.

Alcohol – we Americans tried outlawing alcohol once.  It didn’t work.  In fact, it created a whole new class of criminal.  Choudary says that Christians and Jews and Muslims can all live side by side under Shariah.  Well, since both Christianity and Judaism use ceremonial wine…does he really think we’re going to buy this?  Seriously, give me Irish Whiskey or give me death.

Pork – the food that built Cincinnati right after beer.  Bacon, pork tenderloin, ribs, pork butt…grilling, barbeque, summer cookouts…seriously, you can’t grill hummus.  How are we supposed to make sausage?  Oh, that’s right, we’re not.

Freemixing – well, that would put a leak in the melting pot, now wouldn’t it.  That’s one of the great things about America, we can associate with anyone we want.  We can marry anyone we want.  We can have kids with anyone we want.  Very few people in this country are pure any race.  Those that are, are.  The rest of us are all-American mutts and proud of it.

Gays – as much as the act of homosexual “sex” is an abomination to many of us, and as much as “gay marriage” cannot be by definition, homosexual individuals have always been and will always be with us.  Their distribution of lovely people vs. those who wreck a group’s reputation is no different than any other group in the rest of the country.  Besides, you can’t outlaw people just to outlaw people…can you?

Cinemas – well, there’s another great American institution down the drain.  Of course, the movie industry is killing itself putting out fare that people won’t pay money to see, but that’s the free market at work, not a government mandate.

Insurance – for all intents and purposes, insurance is protection money in exchange for a bet by actuaries on whether or not property will be damaged, or an individual will get sick, but in the United States, we are required by law to pay the insurers or face a fine.  Thus, insurance is a HUGE industry that employs a whole lot of people.  And the muslims are just going to wave a magic wand and make it go away.

Stocks/shares – so much for the New York Stock Exchange and Wall Street…brokerage houses…financial planners.  Bonds escaped notice, so perhaps that is a better place to put one’s retirement money if one is actually afraid such a takeover will come to pass.  This, of course, limits investment, wealth creation, jobs creation, freedom of mobility…such a move would be more communist than communism.

Insulting prophets – yeah, yeah, after the Charlie Hebdo and Pamela Geller incidents, we got that.

Why do all this?  Why destroy the culture?  In Islamic jihad the goal is to convert all of us kafir, or unbelievers.  For them, we are in a holy war, and their goal is complete take over of the west.  In order to destroy the soul of a country, the culture must go.  Under capitalism, even fettered with morals and ethical law, the people cannot be effectively enslaved other than with their own stupidity and debt.  Destroy the culture that allows freedom, and the people are at leadership’s mercy.  (Plus, the generations to follow will not know that there was anything else before Islam.)

In addtion, Choudary says himself on his twitter feed muslims do not want to assimilate into cultures that have “Alcohol, Porn, Gambling, Free-mixing, Promiscuity, Homosexuality, Usury, and Insulting the Prophet.”  In the west, we wonder why muslims bother to emigrate if that is the case.  Well, it is to take us over.

Yeah, no thanks.  This American is going to put her feet up and watch the stock ticker scroll while she eats leftover pork tenderloin medallions that the dogs will beg for with a glass of whiskey.  Right after she says her Rosary.


Source article from The Federalist Papers Project

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