100s More Hillary Clinton Emails Should Be Classified, Bill Played Golf With Obama…Hmm


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This can’t be good.

The day after Hillary Clinton’s consort was spotted on the golf course with her former boss, Barack Obama, while she was in Iowa yukking it up over pork chops and miserably failing to be the charmer her husband is, news arrives that the Intelligence Agencies are through reviewing 20% of the 30,000 emails Hillary and Company turned over to government agencies and have found 305 which warrant further review.  From Politico:

Intelligence agency officials have flagged more than 300 emails from Hillary Clinton’s personal account as warranting further review because they might contain classified information, according to a court filing Monday.

The new figure suggests that by the time officials finish wading through the roughly 30,000 emails the former secretary of state returned to her agency last year, about 1,500 are likely to be referred to intelligence agencies to see if they contain national security secrets.

“Out of a sample of approximately 20% of the Clinton emails, the [Intelligence Community] reviewers have only recommended 305 documents—approximately 5.1%—for referral to their agencies for consultation,” Justice Department lawyer Robert Prince wrote in a court filing related to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by Vice News.

No kidding.  “Only” 305 or 5.1% contained potentially classified info.  1,500 possibly to be reviewed.  And tens of thousands of Hillary’s emails were deleted, gone only until a full copy of the server is found.  Wonder what was on those….

Hmmm….  And it took an Inspector General to get all these emails reviewed correctly…the seats filled with neutral overseers that the Obama Administration left open for most of his presidency – including the one at the State Department for Hillary Clinton’s entire tenure as Secretary, so there was no oversight while she was in charge.  Curious.

This is all no great shock to those who have followed the Clintons and their Body Count saga for a couple decades.  They seem to skate through any and all controversies.  Sort of like they are covered in snot and teflon all at the same time.

But seriously, what were Bill and Obama up to on that golf course while this particular scandal is slowly unfurling?  It’s no great secret that such places are fantastic to do business in the quiet with no one around.  Did Bill ask for a professional courtesy?  Maybe ask the O-man to give Hillary the Marc Rich and Richard Nixon treatment?  After all, the president can make federal crimes go away with the stroke a pen.  Obama does like executive orders.

That, of course, is speculation.  However, the longer this saga continues, and the more emails that are found with secret information on them, the more felonies that stack up…the more the only way out for the Clintons is a presidential…no, can’t say it.  Too heinous to consider.  Not when even the leftist media is aghast at Hillary’s audacity.  It would make a mockery out of everything there is about being an American.

More from Politico and HotAir.  Have you seen the new anti-Hillary video from America Rising?  Watch it here.

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