Zimbabwe President To Whites: You Can Leave Now


In what is considered to be a blatant political move in Zimbabwe, where the recently replaced vice president is reported to have been working with internal and outside forces looking forward to the day that Robert Mugabe is no longer in power, Mugabe himself is encouraging the whites living in his country to “go back to England.”  At least, that is what he said in October.

Earlier this week, while speaking at the burial of Dube, a former Zanu-PF central committee member at the National Heroes Acre, Mugabe stepped up the rhetoric and added this:

“As we mourn the passing on of this courageous fighter for our freedom, let us draw life-long lessons from his career,” said the President.  “We need the lessons of his illustrious life, those of us who often think that Zimbabwe needs a white man to prosper. We need the lessons of his impeccable career, those of us who think setting aside one’s people’s interests in order to win white goodwill marks modernity and better leadership.”

Cde Lloyd Kotsho Dube was a revolutionary fighter and diplomat for Zimbabwe under Mugabe and is now considered to be a national hero in that country.  Mugabe’s words seem to be a continuation of his campaign to tell the white man, “We’ve got this.  Go back to England, now,” that has in the past included appropriating property owned by whites for the state, and then redistributing it to Mugabe’s compatriots.  Needless to say, it is not going over very well with the descendants of the original colonists.

Until 1980, Zimbabwe was part of the British Empire.  The African country became independent in that year and Mugabe was elected president.  Since that time, as in a number of other African countries that were once colonies (Liberia, Sierra Leone, etc.) and where the prevailing western governing people and bodies have been replaced or side-stepped either by force or election, corruption, cronyism and one crisis after another has plagued Zimbabwe.  Poverty and unsanitary living conditions have exploded in recent years in that country.  Non government organizations have said that conditions have improved since a sport of power-sharing agreement was arranged in 2009, although Mugabe has threatened to take complete control on more than one occasion.

However, at this point in Zimbabwean history, according to Mugabe, the western white man – and his civilizing influence that benefits all men – can just take airplanes back to England since they are so much more efficient than the ships that brought the original colonists.

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