YIKES! Sarah Palin Makes Joke About Looters, Liberals Lose Their Minds!

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If there is one name that will make any liberal foam at the mouth, it is Sarah Palin. The liberal media is obsessed with her. She is still relevant, and she will always be relevant because she says it like it is. You will seldom find a political figure who speaks the truth like Sarah Palin. Leftwing sites post articles about her because they get a HUGE response every time, and this time is no different. Sarah Palin posted this pic on her Facebook page, and every liberal that saw the post immediately obtained a soggy bottom.


The image originated from the Facebook page of Mad World News.
Liberals posted comments saying, ” Sarah Palin is the troll in chief. The closest she will and should ever get to the White House is (to quote Nucky Thompson) a guided fvck!ng tour.”
Another classy liberal said, “Palin has the depth & appeal of a toilet filled with diarrhea!”
Ummm war on women anyone?
Mediaite even wrote an article attacking her for using the pic to make a statement about Ferguson. The ridiculous part is, she wasn’t even really talking about Ferguson. Well, maybe a little, but the main point of the post was about Obama’s politically correct support of illegal immigrants. Obama calling illegal immigrants ” undocumented” is about as ludicrous as calling looters “undocumented shoppers. ”  It seems when Sarah Palin is the one pointing out how laughable political correctness has become; liberals are NOT laughing.