Will Harry Reid Make A Deal With Republicans On Obama Appointees?


Between now and the seating of the next Congress, the Senate has a lot of work to do.  Among the many tasks left hanging from when Harry Reid was in block and obstruction mode is the confirmation of multiple Obama Administration appointees.

This week, Reid, the outgoing Senate Majority Leader, signaled that he would be willing to make a deal with the incoming Republican leadership to hold off on debate and confirmation of a short list of those nominees.  If Reid does make a deal, it will undoubtedly put him in conflict with his party as members maintain that Republicans are not really interested in confirming all that many of Obama’s appointments.

While that might be true (okay, probably is), the reality is that confirming cabinet appointments and ambassadors is a time consuming process and to try to get all of the pending cases through it in a compressed duration – as was done last year – is just not healthy.

The idea Reid is floating is that they clear the list out a bit later.  After the breaks.  When there is more time.  And the White House is not happy about this.  Among the nominees yet to be cleared, are 16 federal judges who would have lifelong seats on the federal bench, 34 ambassadors, and two cabinet appointments.  Lower level appointments are likely to be confirmed in a group.  It’s just the big boys that are on the table.

Members of the Democratic caucus are already lining up on either side of the argument and making public statements.  The hard lefties want to go for it and the more moderates are willing to deal taking the chance that Republicans are going to make life difficult when debate comes to the floor of the Senate.

Stay tuned.  This may well be Dingy Harry’s last stand.

Source article from Politico

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