Who The Hell Is Lena Dunham And Why Should I Care About Her Sex Life?


Somehow in the last year or two, a little girl from New York City named Lena Dunham has decided that the entire world needs to know about her sex life.  At the ripe old age of 27 – yes, you read that right – this, uh, female decided to write her memoirs which includes an account of how she was raped on campus while being in college.

That Ms. Dunham was hyped up on drugs that she willingly took at the time takes a back seat in both her account and the narratives containing excerpts in The Huffington Post, among other publications.  She also has not pressed rape charges against the man she claims forced himself on her, either, according to Breitbart.

Given this history, it is understandable and even laudable that a young woman would become an advocate against date rape.  This is true.  However, one has to wonder what this little girl’s motivations really are given her penchant for taking her clothes off while on camera in her HBO show “Girls” that no one watches (especially not us “out of touch” sorts), but wins industry awards in Hollywood.  Maybe she got rejected at a porn audition for being less than well-endowed and not having a narrow waist?

  • While promoting her “memoir,” Dunham has claimed that she will not marry her boyfriend until her lesbian sister can marry also.
  • Dunham has “teamed up with EMILY’s list for her “Not That Kind of Girl” book tour to help pro-choice female Democrats get elected this fall” per ABC News.
  • Dunham’s also decided that “TMI” as in “Too Much Information” is sexist.  (Well, we could just put our fingers in our ears and say LaLaLaLaLa really loudly instead.  Seriously, some things just cannot be unheard.)

What is most confusing about the promotion of Lena Dunham is this concept from ABC News:

Dunham has become Hollywood’s poster-girl for feminism and frequently addresses woman’s issues on her show, Twitter account and most recently, in her memoir.

Really?  Seriously?  How did that come to be?  Maybe it has something to do with this:

The actress has also teamed up with Planned Parenthood and published a blog on their site to encourage people to get out and vote.

“I vote because the number of backwards, out-of-touch, downright freaking unbelievably anti-women’s health politicians out there right now makes my blood boil,” Dunham writes. “But rather than go deep into a rage spiral, I vote. It’s healthier, more effective and infinitely more pleasant.”

As opposed to the people out here on the fruited plain who understand that the traditional Judeo-Christian way of doing things was put into place in order to protect women and girls after pagan societies were less than civilized about how they treated their females.  Oh yeah, that makes sense.

At first blush it may well be that the little girl from New York City is an attention whore.  One who is willing to get naked and show the world things we have no interest in seeing, or hearing that has us otherwise shouting “TMI!” at the top of our lungs.  However, given her partnerships with and support from known feminist organizations and a laundry list of leftist talking points in her statements, it seems that Lena Dunham is being used by the anti-family, anti-children, anti-feminine and anti-morality forces that stand in the way of a national orgy with no consequences.  She fell for the siren’s call hook, line and sinker.

So, who is Lena Dunham?  A leftist tool.  Why should I care about her sex life?  Because girls like her participate in their own objectification as a sex object and nothing more.  Her tale is a cautionary one, but probably not for the reason she thinks.  She allowed and still allows herself to be used by others for their gain.  In that, her “work” and experiences are more valuable to women who understand that great sex is not all there is to life.  She’s teaching us to avoid her mistakes.

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