What Liberals Demand Parents Do This Christmas is UNBELIEVABLE, And They Are Fighting To Make This A LAW!

Boy and girl wrapped in christmas lights

We all know that the left has never been silent when it comes to how they feel you should raise your children. They have a strong belief that they know better than you when it comes to your kid. This Christmas, liberals are adding a new demand to their long list of complaints. They have started a campaign titled ” No Gender December.” The goal is to stop parents from buying toys that gender stereotype their children, and stop children from playing with gender based toys. From the “No Gender December” website:

“Christmas brings a myriad of catalogues and gift guides selling kids’ toys. Many toy retailers use gendered marketing which influences children and consumers alike, by sending strong messages about the appropriateness of their choices. Color codes, labels and imagery all have a narrowing effect on our children’s perspectives.
Labeling toys for either ‘boys’ or ‘girls’, tells children “this toy is/is not for you” . Children recognize the cultural significance of labeling and color coding of packaging and toys, and it informs their feelings about whether or not it’s socially acceptable for them to show interest in the item. Some take this “knowledge” with them into the playground, where they quickly chastise any child who demonstrates an interest in the “wrong” color or toy for their gender, again potentially resulting in the child being chastised or bullied.”

The article linked to the website talks about how much boys need feminism as well. The writer claims that we need to do more to educate parents and teachers. She is upset about kids being segregated by gender at school, like seating children in “boy, girl” arrangements or lining up in “boy, girl” lines. I guess it isn’t enough to ban gender bias toys, now they don’t even want teachers to refer to your child as a certain gender. It is all part of a new trend liberals have created called “gender neutral parenting”. Under this new style of parenting, you don’t teach your child that they are a boy or a girl, you ask THEM what gender they feel they are at that moment. The whole thing sounds ridiculous to me, but millions of people actually take this stuff seriously.

This craziness has gone all the way to the United Nations. Mother Thea Hughes’s group Play Unlimited started the campaign, which she says has the support of the UN Convention on the rights of the child. These nuts are not just complaining; they are trying to pass legislation to stop gender-based marketing all over the world. Campaigners are calling for blue and pink toy aisles to be scrapped, and federal legislation to stop advertisers showing only boys or girls playing with particular toys.
I am in no place to tell a parent how to raise their kids, but you have to wonder if this isn’t doing some serious damage. Growing up is already confusing enough. Why is it liberals can’t just be happy with raising their own children? I plan on dressing my daughter in pink and my boy in blue. If liberals want to cry about it, they can just go suck on a gender neutral pacifier and squeeze a gender neutral teddy bear because it’s my damn kid!