[Watch] Wreckage of Kerry Intervention, Acting As Representative of Hamas


Charles Krauthammer says that much of the difficulties surrounding the current escalation between Israel and the terror group Hamas are a result of American disengagement and withdrawal. He then qualifies that statement a little saying, “But when you see what happens when America engages, you wonder whether we shouldn’t have more disengagement.”

He says of the administration efforts in the conflict, “Look at the wreckage Kerry has done in intervening in the Israeli Gaza fighting. He decides he has to go, the Israelis did not invite him, the Egyptians did not want him and he says he advanced a peace plan that was sort of building upon the Egyptian one. They didn’t at all.”

Krauthammer says, “They undermined it.” He then quotes an Israeli paper which said that Kerry had “dug a tunnel under the Egyptian peace plan.” He continues saying, “Egypt wanted a ceasefire in place, which means no reward for Hamas starting this war by attack the civilians, which is a war crime. That was proposed before the ground incursion, the casualties would have been infinity lower. Israel accepted, Hamas said no.”

He talks of Kerry’s Paris negotiations with Qatar and Turkey, characterizing him as returning as essentially the lawyer for Hamas. He labels the proposition that Kerry handed over to the Israelis as so outrageous, it was unanimously voted down in the Israeli cabinet. It gave Hamas all of its demands.

Krauthammer describes a “tacit alliance” that is taking place between Israel, Egypt, Jordan, the Palestinian Authority, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, what he describes as “all moderates and our friends.” who want to see Hamas squeezed.

He also quotes the Palestinian Authority leader who asked what was Kerry doing in Paris, negotiating with Qatar and Turkey while leaving out the PA and leaving out Egypt.

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