[Watch] White House Propagandist Answering Whether Obama Impeachment is DCCC Coordinated Fundraising Effort


ABC’s Jon Karl asks the White House propagandist Josh Earnest if he coordinated his remarks about the potential impeachment of Obama with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Earnest responds with an unequivocal, “Hmmm, not that I’m aware of,” to which Karl asks, “You don’t know if you coordinated or you didn’t?”

Karl tells Earnest that he finds it odd that “Dan Pfeiffer raises the topic of Obama impeachment on Friday morning, saying that impeachment was a real possibility that the White House is concerned about. Then Earnest goes a little bit further from the podium during the briefing, and then within hours the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is putting out fundraising emails quoting what you said.”

He continues, “With a red alert, the White House says impeachment’s a real possibility, we’re concerned about impeachment.

It’s a good thing for Earnest that he never attends a briefing unless he’s wearing his dancing shoes. He invariably has to dance around the truth, as he does here.