[Watch] “What is Obama Hiding?” Rep Jim Bridenstine on Being Shut Out of Illegal Alien Induction Facility


As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, Representative Bridenstine has, in the past, visited all of the military bases in Oklahoma. This trip was different, this time the Representative was denied access to a facility within his home state.

Bridenstine first stopped by Fort Sill and had a conversation with the commanding general there, and advised him when leaving that he would be visiting the HHS site. Bridenstine drove to the facility which he described as looking like a military barracks with a chain link fence all around it. There was material in the fencing blocking view in or out, and the gates were chained shut.

Bridenstine says there was no gate guard and no one in charge that he could speak with directly. He spoke to a security officer who relayed messages but ultimately was told to leave and come back on July 21st,  that no tours were being conducted prior to that time.

He made it perfectly clear who he was and it made no difference. Representatives of the American people, even those on the Armed Services Committee with jurisdiction over the facility, are not allowed in.

Bridenstine adds that he is no stranger to Central America. He used to fly counter-drug missions out of El Salvador as a Navy pilot. He says the crime there is not worse than it has ever been and neither is the poverty. What is different is that Obama has advertised to the world that the door is open, send your kids and they can stay.

He says the cause of the current situation is a failed Obama policy which has nothing to do with “immigration reform,” exists specifically because of White House policy.

Bridenstine says he has contacted the Chairman of the Armed Services Committee and the Chairman of the Government and Oversight Reform Committee. They are going to begin the process of finding out what is the policy. He says “Is the policy that members of Congress don’t have access to federal facilities that is the question. And what is it that they are trying to hide? Why is it they don’t want me talking to these children, some of which have devastating stories?

Greta Van Susteren says “we need a whole lot of transparency on this issue so we can sort it out, but if they won’t let Congressmen in, then I just don’t know what to say.”

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