[Watch] Wasserman-Schultz – Republicans Are Bigots, Illegal Aliens Are Backbone of America


It might not be all Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s fault. As a Democrat, she may be unfamiliar with what a backbone really is. That would make her comments slightly less offensive.

She was a guest Tuesday on the Hispanic channel Fusion, on a program hosted by George Ramos. Tossing her the softest of self-serving softball questions, Ramos asked Wasserman-Schultz for the Democrat position on the Central American invasion.

She responded that millions of foreign squatters in our country are “part of the backbone of our economy.”

A backbone is a structure that provides support, it’s what enables one to stand. Schultz is saying that we lazy, inept Americans, all 350 million of us, are supported by those who are in our nation illegally. We’re all accustomed to garbage falling out of the hole at the bottom of this woman’s head, but this is particularly insulting.

Illegals don’t support us, we support them, and their families, and their extended families. Her remarks are like someone saying that ticks or fleas function as the backbone of a dog.

She “qualifies” her absurd statement along the way, reciting the usual “caring about young people or anybody who has never known another country who is squatting here to make a better life and isn’t a member of al-Qaeda is entitled to stay, argument.” You have to wonder if she doesn’t get just as tired of regurgitating the same worn out old points as we are of hearing her spew them.

She then throws out the even older but equally untrue Democrat talking points of:

They have to go to the back of the line – that would be in their own country and the Dems are against sending them back, so that is a lie. Citizenship is secondary to staying here and working at jobs previously held by Americans, at a higher wage.

They have to pay fines – If they can pay them, they’ll be little more than symbolic gestures. Odds are the Democrat mandated enforcement will be about as stiff as what they’re meeting right now on the border.

She then goes on the attack against Republicans for not caving in to the border crisis that the Democrats created, painting a hypothetical situation in which the “evil Republicans” force a fifteen-year-old to face what she describes as “certain death.”

She closes by calling Republicans who oppose the Democrats bigots. It’s a typical diversion from the substance of the discussion, in which they hold a weak position. They invariably employ name calling as a means of mischaracterizing their opponent.

These people, particularly Schultz, but all of them as a whole, are unfamiliar with the concepts of shame or self-respect. There is no limit to their dishonesty or the lengths to which they will go in the name of feeding their insatiable lust for power.

Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit www.rickwells.us