[Watch] Was Seal Team 6, Extortion 17 Shot Down by Missile Provided in Obama Libyan Arms Deal?


There are many questions surrounding both the loss of Extortion 17 and the mysterious operations being run out of the compound in Benghazi.

In Hussein Obama’s headlong rush to destroy every government he touches, ours included, he has played an enabling role with terrorist groups around the globe and particularly in the Middle East.

In his desperation to depose Gaddafi in Libya and arm every al-Qaeda or Muslim Brotherhood franchise he can find, he hasn’t ever been too concerned with guarding against them falling into the wrong hands. After all they are all the wrong hands. He’s arming everybody who can say allahu-akbar, with little attention paid as to what the consequences are.

According to this report, some 800 heat seeking missiles were included in those arms that Obama and John Brennan were sending to foment unrest across Africa and the Middle East.

Many questions remain regarding Extortion 17, including the Afghan forces that were switched at the last minute and never corrected on the flight manifest as well as the reason such a large number of Special Ops forces were being landed in a live firefight without protective cover. There are also a multitude of improprieties which occurred afterwards, including a Muslim funeral ceremony performed over the bodies in which our troops were called infidels that were inferior to Muslims and the forced cremation when it was not required. The list goes on and on.

There is no doubt the Obama regime is engaged in a huge cover-up. Maybe the investigation into Benghazi will shed some light on what happened with Extortion 17 as well.

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