[Watch] Violent Illegal Aliens Released – Sheriff Arpaio Says DHS Inspector General Must Investigate


It’s a complaint Sheriff Joe Arpaio has voice on numerous occasions before and it’s one he still hasn’t gotten an explanation for. He’s done the research and he has the statistics to back up his assertions. Thirty-five percent of the violent illegal alien criminals in his jail who he turns over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE, end up returning to his jails on a subsequent arrest and offense.

He raised the issue this time, as he has before, with Neil Cavuto.

Arpaio said, “Three-thousand people in my jails, committing serious crime here illegally, we turned them over to ICE and 35 percent keep coming back, how do you figure that out? Either they’re let out on the street or they keep coming back again. This is my third letter to the Department of Homeland Security, they always send me a Mickey Mouse form letter.”

Arpaio knows that he’s wasting his time dealing with the DHS hierarchy. This time he’s going over their head, to the Inspector General for action. That IG was the source for a recent stinging report on the release of illegals into the American general population and he’s hoping for some real action.

Of his latest letter, Arpaio said, “I’m going to address it to the Inspector General of Homeland Security. I want a complete investigation. I have all the statistics, come on down. I will help them, and I want to find out what’s going on for years. I’m getting a little bit impatient on what the government is doing, smoke and mirrors.”

It’s not just smoke and mirrors, the sheriff left out criminality and obstruction. Those are two of the primary functions of this regime. It’s what they do best.

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