[Watch] Video Of Protesters Surrounding Car In South St. Louis Surfaces, Fans Flames


The video below is all over the internet.  The headlines are screaming Ferguson “Peaceful” protesters surround white man’s vehicle, etc.  Well, as a native St. Louisan and one who follows the scanners: this video was taken on South Grand Boulevard in the city, about 11-12 miles from Ferguson.  (National media and a lot of blogs getting the details wrong seems to be the status quo on this story.)

What has not seemed to make national headlines with Eric Holder whining about all the leaks from the federal civil rights violation investigation, the actual leaks themselves and Michael Brown’s mother getting into a street fight with other relatives of his, is that there was movement in the Vonderrit Myers, Jr., investigation which happened in the Shaw Neighborhood.  Grand Boulevard runs along the edge of it.  Last night may well have been a reaction to that.  Plus, it was Friday night.  More people were available to cause trouble.

To be honest, with the exception of the day the official Michael Brown autopsy was leaked, things have been dying down.  Thursday night was downright quiet.  Friday night even one of the scanner controllers said that the protesters were just being annoying and went to bed.  The main purpose of the protests – to whip up racial indignation and start some sort of race war by taunting and provoking police until they snap – just hasn’t panned out.  Thanks to their efforts, however, there is an open carry event downtown today.

And then this video surfaced and all of a sudden the world thinks Ferguson is a mess of protests again.  There’s been an increase in crime having nothing to do with the protests, but for the most part, people are still just going about their business avoiding the hot spots when they happen.  Thanks to social media, we generally know when and where that is.

So, here you go: white man going home from work on a Friday night, and his car gets surrounded by jaywalkers after he asks them to get out of the street.


I’m betting that guy takes a different way home from work next time.

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