[Watch] Video Contradictions – Obama Touts Ending Iraq War, But Now It Wasn’t His Call


For the better part of six years Obama has touted his success in ending the War in Iraq. He never used the word “win” as part of that statement and now it appears that “end” may have been a poor choice of words as well.

Maybe in hindsight he’d of been better off making no claims and no statement at all. Then again, he simply couldn’t pass up a chance to bask in the glory of “his” achievements before the throngs of his loyal, adoring subjects.

Now he is attempting to rewrite what he said, claiming he wasn’t involved in the decision to “end the war, and to leave no forces behind as he did.”

As is always the case, it was someone else’s fault; George Bush did it, al-Maliki too. Hussein Obama is just an innocent bystander.

The video points out the absurdity and the duplicity of his claims.

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