[Watch] U.S. Taxpayers Financing Illegal Alien Smugglers? – Something’s Fishy on the Rio Grande


The numbers just don’t add up. There is a whole lot of money in the human trafficking pot and nobody was seen throwing it in.

The First Lady of Honduras, Ana Garcia de Hernandez, made a trip to the United States border last week and toured various sites where her citizens are being held and processed after border-crashing into the United States. As part of that trip she made an appearance with Texas Representative Henry Cuellar and spoke to the media.

Two of her reported comments were particularly interesting, and the report can be viewed in the short video below. One of the interesting, or more correctly, disturbing comments came when she was referring to the amount of money being paid to the human traffickers who smuggle the children across Mexico and into the United States.

Reporting on her visit, Action Four News, of McAllen Texas, quoted the fee being charged by smugglers to transport the children from Honduras as being between $5,000 and $25,000 per child.

Both Rep Henry Cuellar and Ms. Hernandez stressed, according to the report, that the coyotes smuggling the illegals are becoming millionaires.

The supposed reason behind the surge of illegal alien children into the United States is the poverty, violence and desperation that force them to make the desperate decision, in spite of the known dangers, to sign on with a coyote.

The average income per capita in Honduras is $183 per month. That equates to less than $2,200 per year with which to support a family. Even with both parents working, $4,400 is less than the lowest rate smuggling fee of $5,000 for a single child. Many come with a parent or sibling.  That is a starting figure, before any expenses such as rent, food, utilities and the other daily living expenses are deducted from the meager family budget.

Many Hondurans, especially the most desperate to come to America, earn even less than that.

How were they able to have saved up the equivalent of over a year’s worth of pay per child in a country where 61.5% of the population lives below the poverty line and where a large part of the disposable income is spent, not on luxuries but on necessities?

They simply don’t have the money. Someone else must be paying their way. Perhaps they have a rich uncle, named Sam.

Vice President Joe Biden took a trip to meet with officials from the three main offender nations of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador back in June and he promised the United States would pay their governments to keep their people away. So far, there has been no reduction in the border traffic, it’s reportedly still increasing. Maybe that money won’t be spent in the way we had been assured it would be. Maybe it was never intended to be.

The amounts are staggering, hundreds of millions of dollars going to the region with very vague purposes and even less evidence of any controls. The White House website shows Biden promising Honduras $40 million in addition to another $9.6 million to be split, in addition to $165 million, and others. They’re handing out millions like they were Halloween candy.

We know how badly the regime wants to flood illegals into the nation and we know they have a horrible track record when it comes to transparency and being honest with the American people.

Could it be that the hand that threw the cash into the smugglers tip jar was our own? The countries themselves are debtor nations, among the poorest in the world. They can’t pay the transport tab, the citizens are dirt poor, and the cartels certainly aren’t doing it out of the goodness of their hearts. That really leaves only one player with both the ability and a motive to make it happen.

That might also help to explain why the regime is being so security conscious and secretive, preventing access to the imports and stealthily shipping them off to locations unknown, where they will wait and hide in the shadows.

In the processing centers, they could be easily questioned by Congressman or others, and someone might let the truth slip out. Once they transported, and secreted away, it becomes much less likely.

These are questions that should be asked. Perhaps there is a reasonable explanation, or, perhaps this is one isn’t as crazy as it sounds. There’s something fishy for sure, and it may be the American people who are on the hook.

Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit www.rickwells.us