[Watch] U.S. – Russians Are “Humanitarian” Invaders, Central Americans Not So Much


Applying the favored Obama standard of “do as I decree not as I do,” Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby had the difficult task of defining what Russia is doing in Ukraine as something unacceptable while the same U.S. administration conducts similar operations on our southern border. Since the American government is targeting its own population, the cross-border movement of military forces is not a part of the process, making the humanitarian claims an easier sell to those who are ready to buy.

Kirby opens saying that the U.S. “is very concerned by the movement of a Russian convoy across Ukraine’s border.” He goes on to say, “We strongly condemn this action and any actions that Russian forces take that increase tensions in the Region. Russia should not send vehicles, persons or cargo of any kind into Ukraine, whether under the guise of humanitarian convoys or any other pretext.”

Our representatives claim that Russia can’t do what they’re already doing and get away with it. The Pentagon and Obama regime impose sanctions, make speeches and work themselves into a lather when it is happening a continent away. When they conduct an invasion under the guise of humanitarian aid here in our own country, it’s “for the children” and they claim there’s not much to talk about. Everybody just go on vacation and pretend nothing’s happening.

Ours is a “humanitarian crisis” that our own government created as a means to facilitate a foreign invasion. Russia is a foreign government accused of disguising an invasion as a response to a humanitarian crisis.

What’s the difference? The Russian government isn’t betraying their own citizens, for one thing. While the U.S. pretends to hold the moral high ground on this issue, the people of Russia are protected by their government. Our sellout representatives have no place lecturing the Russians.

Mexico, the Central Americans and the regional organized crime that controls them are sending a stream of persons and a cargo of drugs. Those persons are mostly brown and their cargo is our illegal drug supply. That’s somehow different and acceptable.

He adds, “This is a violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and international integrity by Russia. Russia must remove its vehicles and its personnel from the territory of Ukraine immediately. Failure to do so will result in additional costs and isolation.” Does anyone within the American “government” have the guts to make a similar statement to our enemies to the south? Will they tell Mexico and Central America to remove their personnel from American territory?

Kirby won’t go as far as to call it an invasion, preferring to use the definition of an invasion, the words “unauthorized entry.” He says later is in his remarks that “We have made our position very, very clear that they should not be doing this under the guise of a humanitarian convoy, to use that as an excuse to cross the border in an unauthorized way.

An admonition not to use a veil of humanitarian aid to cross the border in an unauthorized way. The socialist Obama regime is consistent in at least one area; their shameless grandstanding hypocrisy.

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