[Watch] Tsunami of Illegals – A Government Sanctioned Invasion of America, Inside Information


Fox News reporter Todd Starnes has excellent sources within different areas of the “border crisis.” He adds more evidence to the heaping piles that show this is a Democrat effort to flood the nation with their most favored demographic, and to transform us to a third-world socialist nation in the process.

Starnes says he has multiple sources, both inside the camps as well as and inside BCFS, the security firm hired by the government to run them.

He verifies earlier reports that employees, particularly health care workers, are under gag-orders to not speak of the conditions or the health of the children under a threat of the loss of their jobs and possible criminal prosecution.

He also points out that a source within BCFS, the security firm running the camps, has told him that the orders for secrecy come from the federal government. They are more than willing to allow access if it were not for the restrictions put in place by the feds.

Starnes reveals that some of the healthcare workers he has spoken to tell him that many of “these kids want to go right back home, that they don’t know why they were sent here to this country, and they want to go back to their moms and dads.”

He says this isn’t reunification, “this is a government sanctioned invasion of our country.”


He also questions who these kids are being sent home to here in the United States, when he hears from his sources that mom and dad are still back across the border in Central America.

He then drops the money bomb, saying that he knows of many of the workers at the Lackland facility who are making $5,000 per week, and we tax payers are the ones footing the bill.

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