[Watch] Trey Gowdy Wants Clarity and Consistency, Same Rules to Apply Regardless of Who Sits in White House


Rep Trey Gowdy feels that there is a hunger in the United States “for any group to apply the same rules, the same standards, regardless of politics, regardless of which party is in power. Recess appointments should not depend upon which jersey the president has on.”

He continues, “So too, the power to summons somebody before the people’s House should not depend upon which party is in power. And what I have heard from my colleagues on the other side of the aisle this morning cannot possibly be the standard. The standard cannot simply be that you have to have done something wrong, we don’t have the power to investigate criminal conduct.”

Gowdy reminds the Democrats that they keep that fact front and center in the consciousness of Republicans all of the time so they surely are aware of it.

He questions whether discussions of policy could be the basis for a summons and points that according to their standards it could not, that a law must somehow have been broken.

He also points out that to deny themselves the ability to subpoena would be to make the House less than coequal with the executive and judicial branches and contrary to the system as it was established by the founding fathers.

The Democrats are clearly engaging in more obstructionism, attempting for purely political reasons to conceal the illegal behavior of their “president” and his administration. Statesmen don’t put party before country.  Crooked partisans always do. It’s obvious where Elijah Cummings and his cohorts place their priorities.

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