[Watch] Trey Gowdy Refries IRS Commissioner Hiding Behind IG Investigation in New Testimony


Bill Clinton would have never gotten away with his “it depends on what your definition of is is” distortion of the basic concepts of the English language had he been being questioned by Trey Gowdy.

Gowdy makes things hot for IRS Commissioner Koskinen, who is now backing off from his “confirmed” position of the destruction of emails due to revelations provided by an Inspector General. Rep Gowdy questions the commissioner as to whether he is still confirmed that the backups of the emails do not exist, at which point he mentions the IG.

That takes Rep Gowdy down another line of questioning, as to why the existence of an Inspector General is taken as a license to terminate any other investigations which might be going on. He notes that in his opinion, it is possible and even proper to have multiple investigations ongoing simultaneously, and notes limits to the authority and scope of an Inspector General.

Gowdy schools Koskinen during the questioning and offers the view that people will cite an ongoing investigation when it suits them to not cooperate and they don’t cite ongoing investigations when it doesn’t suit them.

While Koskinen assures the Congressman that is not his policy, Gowdy asserts that Koskinen could certainly understand how a cynic might view it that way.

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