[Watch] Trey Gowdy on Obscene Body Parts, Witnesses and the White House Conflict of Interest


That isn’t Elmer Fudd being questioned by Trey Gowdy, and it isn’t Stephen Root of Office Space still attempting to track down his stapler. Although the similarity in the voice is striking, it’s actually University of Baltimore School of Law professor Charles Tiefer. The responses he gives Gowdy are of the type one would expect of the film characters as well, which doesn’t make for a pleasant exchange.

Gowdy opens the questioning by asking Tiefer if he would seat a juror in a criminal trial that had referred to his client as an obscene body part. Tiefer has difficulty answering that question which prompts Mr. Gowdy to make an observation that Mr. Tiefer would starve to death as a lawyer.

He then moves on to a question regarding Attorney General Eric Holder whom he quotes as stating he would recuse himself when there is “the potential appearance of a conflict.” Gowdy raises the proclamation by Obama during the Super Bowl as being that potential appearance.

The professor dosen’t think that a recusal is appropriate, that the actions of Lerner and the Justice Dept in their targeting and the discussions of the creation of fabricated charges against conservatives don’t fit into the specific criteria for recusal.

Mr. Gowdy also asks him if it would be appropriate to let the American people decide if a special prosecutor is warranted in the IRS case. Of course, the answer is no.

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