[Watch] Tom Tancredo Solution to Border Crisis, Boehner “Needs to Grow a Pair” Simple, Legal, Safe and Proven Effective


Former Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo says that there are simple and readily available diplomatic solutions to the border mess that Obama could legally use to immediately end the crisis.

He says Obama could contact his Mexican counterpart that if he continues to allow the migration through his country and facilitate the invasion of America on our southern border, we will withdraw all financial aid and support on any type. He says you then deliver that same message to the nations which are supplying the illegal invaders.

You notify the ambassadors of each country to get ready, that all of these people are coming back and they had better be prepared to meet them.

Tancredo agrees with Steve Malzberg’s characterization of what is going on in Washington as theater, and references and article he’s writing in WND which is titled along the lines of “Boehner needs to grow a pair.”

He talks of a myth of an Hispanic vote reprisal, pointing to a recent Pew Research study from Pew Hispanic Trust which shows that a majority of Hispanics oppose what Obama is doing on the border and favor swifter action on the part of America to return the illegals to their native countries.

As to what the illegal alien in the White House has up his sleeve, Tancredo says that “there is no two ways about it, he is posturing and preparing” to sign executive orders for amnesty. The Democrats created this crisis and they fully intend to play it out.

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