[Watch] The Simple Lecture On Islam Obama Skipped

Wednesday night, somewhere buried in that speech that not many people watched outside of political junkies not following the pennant races, was an Alinsky-ism if there ever was one: “ISIL” (or ISIS or IS) has nothing to do with Islam.  Calling something the opposite of what it is, or refuting the definition of “is”.  Classic trying to make the audience fall for a falsehood.

One problem: the first letter in all three of ISIS, ISIL and IS stands for “Islamic”.  If the group is calling itself part of Islam and invoking the “religion” as the motivation for their deeds, then the group is part of Islam.  Sorry, Charlie.

Where this gets interesting, is that “Christian” Barack Obama cannot bring himself to tell the truth about the “religion of peace”.  Thankfully, a convert to Christianity FROM Islamic Morocco who has studied Islam, posted a relatively short lecture/sermon on Islam and how ISIS-ISIL-IS is following Muhammad’s methods to the letter:


Talk about getting an education fast.  It looks like Lt. Col. Ralph Peters was on the mark when he said we need to kill all the ISIS people and their pet goats.  Otherwise, this is going to turn into what the Crusaders discovered long ago – a never ending cycle of advances and retreats on both sides.  The less violent among the Islamic peoples may not actively try to blow things up, but they aren’t going to speak out against the violence in large enough numbers to make much of a difference to passionate terrorists who sacrifice everything to get to their 72 virgins and have no problem using anything and everything they can steal to do it.  As ISIS-ISIL-IS proves, Islamic terrorism is a real, live version of Hydra – cut off one head and several others spawn.  With over a billion followers on the planet, there’s plenty of fertile grounds for recruiting, too.

As much of a horrific gauntlet thrown the videos of James Foley and Steven Sotloff being beheaded may be, perhaps now the American people are waking up to the fact that President George W. Bush was not kidding when he said this is going to be a long, drawn out fight.   As far as the Islamists are concerned, those of us who are not, must be converted or die – and they are willing to martyr themselves for the cause.

This is what Barack Obama will not admit, at least not in public.  We Christians or Jews or atheists or members of any other faith are in the crosshairs of ISIS because we are not Islamists.  Even moderate Muslims are targeted because they are not Islamic enough.  They are not going to stop until they are destroyed completely.  Not dismantled or degraded, but destroyed mind, body and soul.

It’s a message that needs to sink in or we are going to be stuck with the constant advance and retreat for centuries to come.

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