(WATCH) The Russian Spy That (Almost) Snagged Snowden


Anna Chapman is a Russian model, TV presenter,owner of her own fashion brand and works with the Pro-Kremlin party. Previously, she worked in the United States as a New York City real estate agent. Though it seems like the 32 year old Russian spy stepped straight out of the latest blockbuster action film, she is all too real.

Anna gained worldwide fame when she tweeted a marriage proposal to Edward Snowden in July of 2013. She was arrested and deported from the U.S. along with nine other Russians in 2010 when the United States government discovered she was part of a “sleeper cell spy ring” for Russia’s external intelligence agency. The daughter of a senior KGB agent, she pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy and was shipped out of the United States.

It’s no surprise that Snowden’s guard was up then, when the sultry seductress proposed marriage. According to ex-KGB agent Boris Karpichkov, the proposal was a direct order from the Kremlin. Karpichkov recently spoke with Nigel Nelson, a journalist for the Sunday People regarding the plan.

“If Snowden had accepted he would have a right to Russian citizenship. That would lock him in Russia. As a citizen he’d need permission to leave.”

With that strategy, the Russians could question him still further.

Looks like Snowden’s instincts worked for him…again.