[Watch] The Five On The ISIS Threat, Propaganda And The Impact On America

In this particular segment of The Five, the cantankerous Fox firing squad takes aim at ISIS in America – how they got here, how they do not follow the western tradition of assimilation and how Americans need to wake up to the threat before more of us are sacrificed on the altar of the 72 virgins.

Topics discussed include:

  • Psychology of Americans being recruited for Islam
  • The sudden pitting of Americans against Brits over a foreign civil war
  • Anti-terrorism programs abandoned in New York City
  • Social media mastery by ISIS
  • Where, exactly, the “Gates of Hell” are (I vote for East St. Louis)
  • The mixed messages coming from the Obama Administration
  • A proposed “martyr exchange program”.

Grab a beverage and watch one of the least tempestuous and most serious The Five segments in recent memory.


H/T – Barracuda Brigade

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