[Watch] The 9/11 Tribute That Aired Only Once

On Superbowl Sunday 2002, as usual, Anheuser-Busch purchased the prime advertising time slot – the first minute available during the first quarter of the game.  In that space, A-B always puts its most involved and expensive ad featuring the Clydesdales, the beloved symbols of the company’s main product.

In 2002, though, the United States was still smarting from the first attacks on the mainland by a foreign entity since 1812.  The ad men who are charged with keeping the King of Beers’ market share wanted to do something special and came up with this: (grab the tissues)


The main purpose was not to sell beer, but to pay tribute to the city that lost so much on September 11, 2001.  According to interviews, the bow was not digitally done, enhanced, changed or otherwise altered.  That particular hitch was trained to bow just for this ad.  It was not easy to get permits to film in New York City at the time, but with special permission, the legendary tribute came to life.  (The story behind it can be viewed here.)

And it only aired one time.

We will never forget.  Even as the terrorists are plotting against us again, we will never forget.  And this tribute lives as a reminder.

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