Watch: Texas Vet Sees A Man Beating His Girlfriend, His Reaction Is Heroic To Say The Least


There aren’t many people nowadays who would take it upon themselves to stop a crime in process. But when Aaron Kreag saw a woman getting beat up by her boyfriend, he wasn’t going to mind his own business. Thankfully, Kreag is a concealed handgun license holder in Texas, and he was armed.

“My first gut reaction was oh my God this guy’s going to kill this lady,” Kreag said. “I went around the backside of the car, drew my handgun and traffic came to a stop.”

He went on to describe the incident, “This large gentleman just pounding on this lady, closed fist you know multiple times and heavy heavy elbows to the face and neck,” says Kreag. “I was yelling commands at him to stop assaulting her, stop assaulting her.” Kreag said the man stopped attacking her when he pulled his weapon, and she was screaming, yelling for help.
He said the man seemed very angry as he got out of the car. “Then he turned his attention to the firearm and was saying ‘don’t shoot me, don’t shoot me.’ I said I’m not going to shoot you, just stay still, don’t do anything crazy. The cops will be here any minute.” Kreag spoke to the attacker saying, “I told him if you relax a little bit, calm down and you stay still, I’ll take my finger off the trigger”.

Aaron Kreag When the police finally arrived, they initially arrested Kreag. But after speaking with several witnesses, they took the handcuffs off of Kreag, and put the handcuffs on 28-year-old Macmichael Nwaiwu. Kreag doesn’t know the woman’s name, but she hugged him when it was all over. “I stood there and held her for about 30 seconds. She cried on my shoulder and told me thank you. I told her I would pray for her and hoped things got better” he says. Kreag doesn’t see himself as a hero. He served in the U.S. Army for eight years, worked as a private security contractor in Iraq, and he’s a firearms instructor. Helping people is just what he does. “It’s my responsibility to protect myself and my family,” says Kreag. “If I can help out another person in the process, so be it.”