[Watch] Texas Gov Rick Perry Rips Harry Reid, Obama For Vacations, Ignoring Border Crisis


Texas Governor Rick Perry is sending 1,000 National Guard troops to the Texas border in an attempt to do something to stem the influx of illegals into his state. He’s asked by Neil Cavuto if Texas is still on the hook for the cost; if there have been any changes.

Perry responds that it is hard for anything to change when they aren’t in town. He points out that the Republicans in the House voted on legislation before they left to correct the problem. Harry Reid, borrowing a page from the Obama playbook, put the Senate vacation above the good of the country and they simply left town and left the problem to continue.

Perry has nothing but praise for the rank and file of the Border Patrol. It is their corrupt, un-American leadership in DC that is the problem.

In response to Harry Reid’s partisan criticism that his reinforcement of the border is a political stunt, he suggests the Democrat Majority Leader to come down to the border and see for himself. He invites him to look the family of slain border agent Javier Vega Jr in the eyes and tell them it’s a political stunt.

Perry responds bluntly, “We’re going to do what we have to do in the State of Texas to protect our citizens. Harry Reid needs to try that on.”

Perry offers what he describes as the truth, “The American people do not trust Washington to deal with the issue of immigration reform until this border is secure. And I will tell you, that if they waste their time trying to deal with an immigration bill that is all-encompassing, comprehensive, before they secure the border, they’re wasting their time.”

He notes that the FAA is blocking their efforts to use unarmed reconnaissance drones in order to monitor the border, which would be of significant value in their interdiction efforts. The unified “government” attack on the American people involves multiple agencies and is obstructing Texas’ legitimate efforts to defend itself at every turn.

Perry also makes the point that Washington needs to be reminded that they have specific enumerated powers and responsibilities in the Constitution, such as border security. They need to return to doing those and leave the other affairs of government to the states, as our government was established.

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