[Watch] Texas Gov Rick Perry – Enough Already “We’re Either Going to Have a Border or We’re Not”


Texas Governor Rick Perry says he’s been trying to get the regime to respond to the issues on the border since 2009. As a result of the issue being ignored and exacerbated by Obama and his minions, they now have what he describes as an “absolute humanitarian catastrophe” on their hands.

Perry says the federal government must step in and do their part according to their constitutional duty to secure the border.

Governor Perry announced that Texas will now be spending an additional $1.3 million per week to defend their border, including a substantial increase in the presence of law enforcement, the National Guard and local law enforcement.

Perry raises the oft-overlooked point saying, “This many people moving from Central America through Mexico to the southern border of the United States, I don’t think this just happened by accident. We’ve got to be diplomatically engaging our neighbors to the south and making sure that they understand that they have a responsibility as well to keep this from happening.”

Of course, the more illegals those nations have working in the United States, the more money that gets sent home to their poor nations, so they have a powerful financial interest in facilitating the invasion.

O’Reilly points out that Texas is required to turn over anyone they apprehend to ICE, which negates much of the benefit of a state deterrence, which Perry acknowledges but disagrees with to a degree.

It seems that an appropriate middle ground might be for Texas to put them on busses and transport them to local neighborhoods in DC, those in which the Homeland Security Secretary and ICE officials as well as complicit Democrats such as Chuck Schumer, Reid, Gutierrez and Pelosi have their residences. Let them enjoy the fruits of their labor firsthand.


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