[Watch] Texas AG Greg Abbott on Texas Taking Border Security Into Their Own Hands


The Fox and Friends segment opens with video of Texas Governor Rick Perry saying that it is time to stop using nice sounding names to describe the groups who are operating their illegal enterprises on our border. He says the words like gang and cartel are deceptively innocent sounding and that words such as narco-terrorists are more accurate a description.

With an estimated thirty thousand additional illegals from Central America expected in the U.S. by the end of October, two and a half months from now, what will be different with the Texas National Guard deployed at the border?

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott says that the National Guard is just now being deployed and it will take close to a month for them to be fully up to speed with their duties. He describes their role as assisting local law enforcement, Border Patrol agents and the Texas Department of Public Safety by providing additional manpower to help all of these different agencies do a better job of securing the border.

Asked what impact they will have as they aren’t obviously going to be shooting at children, AG Abbott reminds us that these are not just children, and those that are children are being brought by those narco-terrorists, smugglers and cartel members. Arresting them will be the focus of the duties of law enforcement on the border.

Abbott explains that Texas has conducted similar operations successfully on a temporary basis in the past. They plan to follow the same guidelines on a more permanent basis.


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