[Watch] Tenn Democrat Thinks Someday We Will Equate Ebola Quarantines With Terri Schiavo



Photo from The Blaze

You can’t make this stuff up.


Leaving aside the obvious outright fabrication that no scientist has called for the drastic steps of forced quarantine of doctors and nurses returning from western Africa where they have been exposed to Ebola so as to not infect anyone else just in case, how is forced quarantine like a starving a woman to death?  The Terri Schiavo case had far more moral questions of life, death, and rights of those who cannot care for themselves than forcing people who are bound and determined to flaunt three weeks of inconvenience into not infecting other individuals with a deadly disease.

If anything, the selfish, spoiled brats who are out riding the subway and bikes, and eating out at restaurants are violating the rights of other people NOT to be infected with a deadly disease by someone who just doesn’t feel like taking other people’s lives and rights into account as they go about their business not caring if they infect someone or not.  Rep. Cohen of Tennessee in this clip doesn’t mention that or how Ebola invades all bodily secretions and can survive on surfaces for hours.  And that IS the science of Ebola.

As for public acknowledgement of science vs. the foolproof way, most people would rather go the foolproof way which is quarantine.  We really don’t want Ebola running loose, no matter what the CDC has to say.


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