[Watch] Ted Cruz – The Crisis on the Border is “The Face of Amnesty”


As Obama makes his way from one Texas fundraiser to another, and does his best to shift the blame for his deliberately-created border crisis to the Republicans in Congress, Ted Cruz offers his thoughts on the current border situation.

Obama says that he’s very aware of the situation and there is no need for him to actually go to the border. He also indicates he is only interested in the money being allocated to process these illegals, not in border enforcement.

Cruz describes Obama as cynical, and points out that it is a result of the lawless policies of this administration that the situation exists in the first place. What is being done to the little boys and girls, including while in the custody of cartels and smugglers, is completely of Obama’s creation.

He points out how the numbers of unaccompanied minors attempting to enter the border has risen over the last three years from 6,000 to 90,000 this year, with estimates of 145,000 for next year.

Senator Cruz calls Obama an absentee president, for whom it is “all politics all the time.” He quotes a border patrol survey that showed 95% of those who were asked why they came responded that they believed they would be given amnesty.

He says, “This is the face of amnesty, this is what it looks like,” describing the consequences of the administration’s lawlessness.

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