[Watch] Tahmooressi Case Proves It’s a Phony Gimmick – Another Empty Obama Promise


Greta Van Susteren, in one of her “Off the Record” segments, tells the Washington Post not to hold its breath waiting for a reply from the Obama regime on their petition website in spite of promises from them that anything receiving more than 100,000 signatures will be addressed within thirty days.

She is speaking in reference to a headline regarding a body camera request stemming from the Michael Brown shooting in which the Post reports that the White House must reply. This White House doesn’t know the word “must.” She calls the Washington Post’s use of that word “laughable,” but says it is a criticism directed where it should be, at the White House.

She says, “That petition stuff on Whitehouse.gov, it’s a gimmick. And to borrow a word from ‘president’ Obama, it’s a phony gimmick.”

She plays a video of her own program from May 30th, at a time in which the Tahmooressi petition had crested the 100,000 signature threshold. Nothing has happened in the almost three months since that time. As she put it, “not even a peep,” adding, “The White House has just ignored it.”

She points out that Sgt Tahmooressi sits in jail while Obama is “busy” golfing, saying, “I guess he’s too busy to keep his word.”

Busy or not, Obama and the truth are complete strangers. He doesn’t have a word.


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